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Sitemap 1 - free online google sitemap generator xml sitemaps provides free online sitemap generator service creating an xml sitemap that can be submitted to google bing and other search engines to help them crawl your website better it will also generate an html site map to allow your website visitors to navigate easier image sitemaps google uses xml schemas to define the elements and attributes that can appear in your sitemap file a sitemap may contain both core sitemap elements and elements specific to images html sitemaps customize the sitemap layout and style number of columns max links per page and more using the built in html sitemap generator options and template system generate visual sitemaps that use html css and javascript sitemaps xml format include a lt url gt entry for each url as a parent xml tag include a lt loc gt child entry for each lt url gt parent tag all other tags are optional.

support for these optional tags may vary among search engines refer to each search engine s documentation for details sitemaps a sitemap is an xml file that lists the urls for a site it allows webmasters to include additional information about each url when it was last updated how often it changes and how important it is in relation to other urls in the site this allows search engines to for the technically interested the sitemap definition language is an xtext domain specific language and the sitemap file model can be found here special element sitemap the sitemap element is mandatory in a sitemap definition this element shall be the first line in the sitemap file and the following code block prises the entire sitemap definition use search console to monitor google search results data for your properties the ebay site is organized into five sections buy sell my ebay munity and help.

check out our sitemap to get an overview of each section a joomla sitemap will help google and other search engines find and understand your site s content osmap is the easiest way to add a sitemap to your joomla site all you need to do is install osmap and it will do the rest osmap will automatically create a google friendly sitemap for all your content 1 html sitemap as michael explained xml sitemap is like giving clue to google that these pages are important for indexing whereas html sitemaps are usually give clue to visitors to have a better and easier site experience

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